Our Story

"We've had our share of doubts related to arranged marriage, all of us do. But when you find that one person who puts your happiness first, you know you've found bliss. We were introduced by our families, but it was the clock of luck that struck right! We didn't realise how it happened, but we fell in love slowly and then all at once. To be in the presence of each other, we truly discover the presence of love. Love, that knows no distance and no boredom. Love, that is butterflies in stomach with endless talks. Love, that brings us closer everyday."

It's difficult to articulate the beautiful bond these two souls share and therefore we tried to encapsulate the essence of it all through these photographs to make you feel the love that we felt while capturing the happiest days of their lives.


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Friday 6th July 2018
(Followed by Lunch)
10:00 AM Onwards
Banquet Hass, Jawahar Circle, Jaipur

Friday 6th July 2018
(Followed by Dinner)
7:00 PM Onwards
Tonk Road, Jaipur

Saturday 7th July 2018
(Followed by Dinner)
7:00 PM Onwards
JECC Exhibition Centre
Hall No-2, Sitapura, Tonk Road, Jaipur



#Adiansh - True love is the joy of life